Even Celebrities Know that Making Friends is Hard

celebrity female friendship

NY Magazine recently had a post of comments from celebrities about female friendship.

A couple of the quotes mentioned how difficult it is making friends when you’re out of college. And if it’s difficult for them, imagine how difficult it is for regular people like us!

Zadie Smith

It’s easy to be friends when everyone’s 18. It gets harder the older you get, as you make different life choices, as people say in America. A lot of women’s friendships begin to founder.

Greta Gerwig

In college and right after college, there’s this sense that your friends are your family. It’s really painful in your late twenties when you realize that they’re not your family, and they’re going to make their own families.

I think this shows how important it is to continue to nurture your friendships through your twenties. Because making and keeping friends just gets harder as you get older.