GoFindFriends NYC Activities

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There’s a lot to do in New York in the springtime! We here at GoFindFriends HQ are all into different things. I (Peter) am partial to adventures like rock climbing in Central Park, Ashley loves running around the city and can fit more things into a day than all of us combined, and you can normally find John in the new, cool bar you haven’t heard of yet.

We also talk about activities a lot. What makes them fun? What activities are the best ones to do with someone you’re hoping to get to know better? What do GoFindFriends members like to do?

We decided to put together some information on activities we see, and added some advice on what makes a great, comfortable activity to meet up with new friends.



  • Drinking is always a most chosen activity in all it’s many forms: drinking, clubbing, dinner, and even brunches.
  • Happy hours are always highest on the list at 24% of all of our activities. It’s an easy way to meet in a relaxed environment.
  • We’ve seen a big jump in activities based just wandering around Manhattan and in more athletic activities like tennis and rock climbing. This has been jumping everytime we have nice weather, which is understandable.
  • Bar games are dropped a little since the warm weather. This makes sense too, but they’re still holding strong at 8% of our activities.
  • We’ll get into the other category in another post, but there are all sorts of fun things to do in the city, and the other category covers the cool one-off ideas people have.

Some advice from Success Stories:

  • Experiences are best.

    Having something that takes the focus off of your conversation and onto something else you’ll have in common takes the pressure off. A museum tour, art exhibit, or flea market is a great way to introduce new ideas into the conversation without having to think of what you’re going to say next.

  • Think casual environment.

    Music shows are great. But normally they’re either too loud to get to know someone, or too quiet to talk freely. When you think of an activity, think of a place where you won’t be confined from doing what you want.

  • Set a defined time.

    This one is controversial even in our office. OK, I’m the only one that believes this one, but I’m including it anyway for all those people like me. I’m partial to setting a duration of how long we’ll be hanging out, which prevents me from dragging the activity out for too long and both of us being bored at the end of it. Having 2 or 4 hours, or whatever amount, allows me to plan accordingly. We’ll have plenty of time to hang out when we’re old friends!

  • Open yourself up.

    Think you’d like someone who has an activity you’re not sure about? Do it! The best advice I got when I moved here was “say yes to anything!” NYC is about doing and learning new things, and at the worst you’ll have a new friend you can laugh with about the time you met!

  • It takes a little effort.

    Our whole website is based on making it as easy as possible to connect with new friends. Our goal is to make the website as easy as instantly hitting it off with someone new through a friend you already have. We’re not quite there yet, but don’t be afraid to reply to messages, tell people what you’d like to do, and do it. Anything great takes a little effort.

    We’ve met a lot of GoFindFriends users in person, and you’d be amazed at how great they are! In fact, we always walk away a little amazed that our tiny idea has allowed us to connect with such amazing people. The effort is definitely worth it!

    Also, if you have any ideas on what we should do to make the site better and easier, we’re all ears!