The Importance of Having Friends (for Older Guys)

GoFindFriends was mentioned in today’s Wall Street Journal!

The article is about how men lose friends as they age and have difficulty forming new relationships, especially in retirement. It says that increasing numbers of men over 50 are joining travel groups, fitness clubs, community-service programs, and Web-based organizations to meet new friends.

Friendship is important for older men because strong social groups are key to leading a healthy life. A recent study found that social support and a shrinking network of friends are associated with loneliness, which, in turn, was tied to poor health. People who rated their health as excellent were less than half as likely to be lonely as men who rated their health as poor (25% vs. 55%).

At GoFindFriends we’ve heard from a lot of older men who would like to use our site. We’re currently only for people in their 20’s, but we plan to open up to more age ranges soon. Here’s the quote from our co-founder in the article:

The Internet is helping older men who want to connect. John Boese says he co-founded in January to help 20-somethings in New York City make friends. After getting more than 500 emails from men 50 and older wanting to participate, Mr. Boese says, he plans to expand the site for that demographic next.