HelloTesla.com Features GoFindFriends!

HelloTesla.com wrote an article about our site!

It mentioned some of the difficulties our founder experienced when trying to make friends when he first moved to NYC.

“It’s difficult to make new friends wherever you are, even in New York City. When John Boese, the Founder and CEO of GoFindFriends.com, moved to NYC six years ago he was surprised at how hard it was to make new friends. It seemed like everyone he met either already had a group of close friends or they were more interested in their career than their social life. After joining social sport leagues, hanging out in bars, and attending meetup.com groups, John still struggled to meet people who were genuinely interested in forming new relationships.”

The article also mentioned how making friends is difficult for people at all different age ranges and life stages.

“And making friends isn’t just a problem for people who are new to an area. In the United States, social circles are increasingly in a state of flux. As people go through their 20’s and 30’s, relationships often fade as friends get married, have kids, or simply get too busy with work. As people reach their 50’s and 60’s, they often lose touch with friends they knew through work or their friends move away when they retire. With an increasingly busy and transient society, lack of close friendships is becoming an epidemic. Research has shown that the average number of close friends people have has been steadily declining over the past three decades.”

Check out the article and let us know what you think!