Some things New Yorkers NEVER Say

New to NYC? One thing’s for sure, you’ll almost never hear any of these being said by you or your friends.

1. “I think I’m gonna go to bed early tonight.”

2. “I came in under budget this month!”

3. “I went to the gym every day this week.”

4. “Sometimes I like to sit in the park and feed the pigeons.”

5. “I really don’t like bagels.”

6. “I think I drink too much coffee.”

7. “MTA service is fantastic!”

8. “I’m thinking about buying a car.”

9. “So the other day I was talking with a guy on the subway…”

10. “I wish people would walk slower.”

11. “I would much rather work in midtown.”

12. “My apartment is so spacious!”

13. “I’m so bored.”