15 Signs You Know You’re Best Friends

15 Signs You Know You’re Best Friends

There’s only one way to celebrate National Best Friends Day, and that’s by celebrating your best friend.

Not sure if your best friend is your BFF or just someone you’ve sort of coincidentally spent a lot of time with? Here are 15 signs you two are besties for life.

You swap clothes (and hair colors) like it’s NBD.

Kendall Jenner Instagram

You make sure your BFF also looks hot in every picture you post of the two of you together.

Kendall Jenner Instagram 2


You always post Insta collages on each other’s birthdays.

Lena Dunham with Taylor Swift

You’d still remain close even if one of you became MEGA FAMOUS.

Taylor Swift and friend

You are physically unable to stop smiling whenever you hang out.

Mini Kardashian

You stand up for each other, even if that means taking off your shirt.

Kim Kardashian shirtless in the mirror with friend

Whenever you’re together it feels like you just got engaged.

Selena Gomez Friend Engaged

You cuddle on the regular.

Demi Lovato cuddles

He lets you be your weirdest version of yourself.

Justin Beiber

You have near-identical vibes.

Louis Tomlinson One Direction

You fight all the time, but always bounce back.

Kloe Kardashian

You don’t have to dress up for each other.

Amy Schumer with Kim

You cross personal boundaries, and it’s fine.

Chrissy Teigen and dog

You are each other’s Woman Crush Wednesday every Wednesday.

reese Witherspoon with shailene woodley

In conclusion: You’re obsessed with each other.

Victoria Beckham
We hope that this list has only solidified your friendship, rather than tearing it apart (if you found that you relate to none of these). If you take anything away from this, it’s that you should always, ALWAYS post a celebratory Insta on your BFF’s birthday or else you may as well be enemies.