NY Times: Do Your Friends Actually Like You?

Did you know that recent research found that only half of friendships are mutually recognized? Or that spending time with our friends is not just helpful for our emotional health, but also regulates our basic fight-or-flight response? In today’s digital age, where an individual can reach thousands (or more) other individuals with a click of a mouse, interacting with one’s friends face to face is more important than ever. The New York Times recently published a story on friends, which we think highlights the importance of having friends and forming lasting connections with others.

Below are some of our favorite quotes about friends from the article. Read the full story here.

friends 5

Friendship is more like beauty or art, which kindles something deep within us and is ‘appreciated for its own sake.'” 

“Friends are people you take the time to understand and allow to understand you.”

“Friendship requires the vulnerability of caring as well as revealing things about yourself that don’t match the polished image in your Facebook profile or Instagram feed.”

“Friendships…shape us and create other dimensions through which to see the world.”